GREENSATELLITE possesses a wealth

of experience in the construction and utilization

of communications systems for the development

of residential and commercial real estate facilities.

The Company assists in helping its clients grow their

businesses, thanks to its unique ability to develop and

implement the most optimal packages

of solutions for clients.

GREENSATELLITE offers complex solutions

for corporate clients with large, medium,

and small sized enterprises, communications

operators, as well as private entities.

The Company integrates a wide spectrum of

modern technologies, while developing its own

programs and products, all of which

allow the delivery of a complete and robust

scope of telecommunications services.

GREENSATELLITE is always pleased to welcome
not only new clients, but also providers of similar services.
We will gladly consider any proposal for cooperation
with the aim of the traffic throughput of our Company.
First of all, we are interested in cooperation with suppliers
of direct routes, national operators, and operators
at the Tier-1 level.
We are ready to consider any plans for cooperation:
from simple inter-network cooperation on up to full
implementation of mutual projects
and as well as associated investments.
We always stay very flexible and dynamic
while solving any issues arising throughout
the establishment of partner relations, as well as those
which come up during ongoing, everyday business.